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Safe and accurate ‘live’ spark plug testing

A new ‘spark tester’ the Spark Plug Testing Kit from Dechmont will safely and accurately diagnose small engine starting issues without exposing a live spark to potential fuel vapour and eliminates potential for electric shock from unsafely grounding the spark plug to an external metal part of the engine.

According to Dechmont’s Darren Leeson, the Spark Plug Testing Kit takes as little as two minutes to use, saving the user time and money in unnecessary servicing and repairs.

“The Spark Plug Testing Kit’s unique patented safety design allows the user to safely remove the spark plug from the engine to view actual spark plug fire in a safe environment,” Darren said.

“It is the only one in the world that allows the user to both safely and accurately diagnose why a small engine has starting issues.

“The Spark Plug Testing Kit is made to last from high grade and durable materials eg: poly-carbonate, aluminium, brass, copper wiring and rubber insulation. Unlike its competitors in the ‘spark tester’ market the Spark Plug Testing Kit has no bulbs, fuses, batteries or electronics to falter and give false readings.

The Spark Plug Testing Kit is comprised of three components:

  1. Protective Safety Dome (with embedded earth washer): allows for the spark plug to be removed from the engine and confined away from any potential fuel/air mixture which could cause an explosion;
  2. Decompression Earth Unit: screws into the cylinder head to give a solid grounding to eliminate the potential for electric shock and also prevents debris from entering the engine which could cause serious damage, as well allowing for decompression of the cylinder chamber so the engine can be easily turned over;
  3. Fully Insulated Extension Lead: allows the user to remotely and accurately view / diagnose the spark on the spark plug without the potential for electric shock.

“The Spark Plug Testing Kit is the essential diagnostic tool in determining why a petrol engine has starting issues. It is the superior ‘spark tester’ on the market and is available worldwide through www.sparktester.net,” Darren said.

International patent pending PCT/AU2016/050303, Australian Patent AU2016256601 – A
Spark Plug Testing Kit

Contact: 0438 639 599 or visit: www.sparktester.net

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