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Arrival of new Manitou agricultural range ‘NewAg’

The Manitou group is launching a new range of forklift-trucks dedicated to agriculture called ‘NewAg, with nine models.

The ‘NewAg’ range comes with a choice of four types of transmission:

  • Torque Converter with Powershuttle gearbox: with four gears for handling agricultural loads anywhere and a maximum speed of 40km/h for the MLT 630-105 and 32km/h for the MLT 733-105.
  • Torque Converter transmission with Powershift Plus gearbox: enabling the operator to choose between a manual and automatic mode. Available on the MLT 635-130 PS+ and MLT 737-130 PS+ models and has a maximum speed of 40km/h.
  • M-Varioshift transmission: this type of hydrostatic transmission corresponds to traction operations of varying degrees of difficulty. The JSM enables transition from a low speed to a high speed via two gears. It also comes with the ‘Eco Mode’ system to manage better the machine’s consumption. The M-Varioshift transmission is available on the MLT 630-105 V CP and MLT 630-105 V models.
  • M-Vario Plus transmission: this new generation of continuously variable transmission (CVT) has a single gear between 0 and 40km/h. Using an engine speed and an associated gear, the M-Vario Plus transmission provides optimal torque at low and high speeds. Highly reliable, this transmission provides fuel savings estimated by the Reduce TCO program. The M-Vario Plus gearbox is found on the MLT 635-140 V+, MLT 741-140 V+ and MLT 940-140 V+ models.

The is equipped with three new ‘Intelligent Hydraulics’ concepts. First, the ‘Quicklift’ enables the operator to extend or retract the telescope and lift the boom simultaneously. The ‘Bucket shaker is also a new function that shakes the bucket via a single movement of the controls. The ‘Return to Load’ memorises the exact angle of the initial position of the bucket, enabling an automatic return to the right level.

The other innovation in term of hydraulics is an option dedicated to fasten boom lowering and movement. Called ‘Regenerative Hydraulics’, it is using gravity only to save unused hydraulic power which generates a gain in productivity at the end.

More than 100 attachments are offered including a new CBG 2450/1700 bucket with a total capacity of 1,700 litres for improved efficiency. All of the new MLT models of the ‘NewAg’ are ‘CE Tractor’ approved with a maximum towing capacity of 28 metric tonnes.

The NewAg range will be available during 2018 in Australia and New Zealand.

Contact Manitou Australia: 02 9517 3474.

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