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Redesigned lawn mower delivers more

Honda Power Equipment has launched its redesigned HRX lawn mower series for 2019 in either HRX217HZU (Electric start) or HRX217HYU (Recoil start).

The HRX Series are the first Honda mowers to incorporate an all-new GCV200 engine, the most powerful lawnmower engine in the Honda range, delivering a power (HP) increase of almost 12%, compared to the GCV190 it replaces.

The new engine delivers 10% more torque which means more force is delivered to the blades, which results in easier and faster cutting, especially in heavy, thick grass where stalling is more prevalent. In addition to delivering more torque, the Honda GCV200 weighs, on average, 6% less than the GCV190. A brand new Brake Blade clutch (with 14% more capacity) has been designed to cope with the increased power. Honda’s Blade Brake system safely stops the blades from spinning, allowing users to step away from the mower and keep it running in order to move items out of the way, empty the bag, or take a break, all without having to switch the engine off.

The new Honda GCV200 incorporates new features to reduce maintenance time while improving serviceability. The GCV200 engine has a larger fuel tank filler (a fuel spout with a 60% larger circumference than the GCV190 engine) for quicker and easier re-fueling with fewer spills. It also has a larger oil fill tube for more convenience when adding and draining oil; a more easily-accessible, tool-less air filter that protects the engine from yard debris and dirty conditions; more direct access to spark plugs for quicker changes and a carburetor with a simpler and more rugged stud bolt design.

The Honda Auto Choke System (ACS) on the new GCV200 engine allows for dependable starts, regardless of hot or cold weather conditions. This automatic, user-friendly system eliminates the need for levers and cables and once the engine is running, the ACS automatically adjusts to the optimal operating position.

Design features include an improved combustion chamber shape, advanced auto choke design, and easier fuel and oil filling, make the GCV200 engine convenient to use and operate. The new engine is more streamlined and more compact than other engines in the same class. The GCV200 also features the CycloFlow design, which strengthens turbulence in the cylinder and provides more stable combustion. The result is greater resistance to lower quality fuel and ease of starting, along with a smoother idle.

The newly enhanced HRX Series features the Honda Versamow System with Clip Director which features a lever located behind the engine cowling, to operate a sliding door between the lawn mower deck and the grass bag, allowing the operator to easily choose or change the preferred mowing option. The configuration also offers a setting for leaf shredding that recirculates leaves until they are small enough to pass into the rear-discharge grass bag, allowing the operator to vary the ratio between mulching versus catching.

Honda Engineers improved the sound quality of the engine by adopting a plastic muffler protector and improving the internal structure of the muffler unit. The crankshaft also underwent an overhaul to reduce vibration by redesigning its shape to optimise its balance at high RPM.

The deck of the HRX series is made from the tough NeXite material, which is lightweight but high impact-resistant and does not dent, rust or corrode. The hydrostatic gearbox on both models allows a smooth and easy-to-use operation while mowing, providing a ground speed of up to 6.5km/h.

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