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Shitbox Rally a shoe-in for two of the access industry’s best!

Jason Cranmer from Skyjack and Casey Law from Queensland Access have taken on the Shitbox Rally challenge this year and plan to drive a vehicle purchased for less than $1000 from Melbourne to Townsville 3614kms via Birdsville.

And to make things more interesting, it will be modified to look like a scissor lift with a deck on top!

The dynamic duo is looking for sponsors and donations to raise funds for their supported charity – the Cancer Council.

To speed things along, they will bring the vehicle to HIRE19 to showcase the event and highlight the need for donations to the charity.

So get out your wallets and get ready for a spectacle. HIRE19 is gearing up to be something special.

For more information or to show your support for this fantastic cause and effort, contact Casey Law at:

  • how did the idea of entering the Shitbox Rally come about? Whose idea was it?
    So around 2013 -14 I was shown a video of the Rally and straight away wanted to get involved, I signed up the next year and after 2 or 3 years on the wait list I finally got accepted. They have such a high retention and application rate it can be hard to get on. ‘Casey” Once I had the spot I was telling Jason about it and we decided it would be a great way to raise some money for a good cause and have a laugh along the way.
  • what was the motivation? (who are you fundraising for? and why?)
    So the motivation for the fund raising is pretty simple, we have both like most people have lost family member and loved ones to cancer. We also work in an industry that’s member and staff spend a great deal of time in the sun so are also very skin cancer aware. For this reason we thought a charity even supporting the cancer council was very appropriate.
  • tell me about the car/shitbox. What is it? what will it look like? who is doing the work on it? etc.
    So we have a very old Commercial van / Hiace, however it will be hard to recognise the van as it will be skinned to look like a scissor lift “hopefully covered in sponsors logos”. We are using a van for a few reasons: 1. We have plenty of space for sponsors and design work to make the vehicle stand out. 2. Somewhere for one of us to sleep if the weather comes in or we cant be bothered putting up a tent. We will be reading the shit box @ QLD Access yard Brisbane before it makes it way down to Melbourne for the hire and rental trade show.
  • what are the entry requirements for the Rally? what do you need?
    There are really only a few entry requirements: The Car is worth 1k or less and I cant stress worth 1k enough as if I can buy a $2000 car for 1k that doesn’t count and Jason and I will be made to dance on stage each morning at briefing as punishment or cheating. The other is it must be 2WD even though we will be crossing some seriously tough roads that historically be traversed by trucks and 4WD vehicles. The even is about making it the whole way anyway you can and not about who is first. It’s a rally of attrition not a race.
  • who will be on your ‘team’? and how many people will that team include?
    So our team will be made up of just Jason and myself, you are only allowed two members per car. So you can fit other in as their cars break down. We only have two seats but will be able to carry other in our allocated buddy group’s equipment to free up seating if needed.
  • how much money do you hope to raise – do you have a target?
    So originally we set a target of $40,000 in early March as we were told this was the record prior set on a rally. with donations and sponsorship we have already hit $30,000 so have decide to increase this considerably and this is where we need help from the business in the HRIA and EWPA. We have a real chance to blow this out of the water and get some real recognition for the Van, the event and the most importantly the cancer council.
    The shit box rally has earnt well over $17m in past 10 years for the cancer council.
  • is anyone sponsoring you so far? who and what does the sponsorship include? eg: parts/servicing? or materials as well as $$?
    We have a good number of supplier and Rental company already sponsoring us, with sponsorship you get your company logo on the Van and the shit box rally website. Anyone who has sponsored before the HRIA show will have their logo on the van at the show. We will have a sticker printer at the show also so anyone who jumps onboard at the event will also have there logo on the van during the show.
  • where is the Rally to and from? Melbourne to Townsville I think Casey said – give me some details about this route – how far is it? what roads will you travel? are there planned stops etc? what else will happen on the road? (I’ll just say now I know some women who have done this rally a few times now – and loved it! and they told me some tales!!!)
    Melbourne > Townsville
    In Spring, teams are driving their Shitboxes 3614kms from Melbourne to Townsville via Birdsville
  • will you guys be wearing costumes at all? (Neil Wallis did the Variety Club Bash for a number of years with Luke Geelan and one year they dressed up as Thunderbirds! – but no pressure! )
    So we have a team costume: which is a set dungaree and tee’s like bob the builder. However everyday there is a dress up theme depending on where we are going and what events on at the other end. At some stage Jason and I will be in women’s clothing amongst other interesting costumes.
  • do you have to finish the rally to get the sponsorship dollars – or what are the rally requirements?
    We just have to show up at the start line, it is a rally of attrition over 400 teams will start. Less them half will finish.
  • tell me about your presence at HIRE19.
    We are working with the association to get space in the entrance area of in the hall. We really value any personal donations or team sponsorship. As mentioned above all the sponcers will be added to the van so as we travel to and from the trade show it will be on show. We do plan on driving the van from Melbourne back to Brisbane just to test here out.
  • anything else you’d like to add?
    Please speak with Jason Cranmer or myself regarding any donation or sponsorship. Before / At / or after the show. We want to make a difference and try to get as much publicity for the event / cause and our sponsors.
    Thanks guys. this will be a nice story for the May issue. I love the idea of a ‘scissor’ doing the rally. Nice industry promotion all round!

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