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10 year testing for all EWPs, not just Haulottes

In line with requirements for general maintenance on EWPs specified in Australian legislation, Haulotte Australia offers 10 year EWP tests in accordance with AS2550.10 and AS1418.10 (Int) performed to manufacturer specifications.

According to Haulotte’s Operation Manager, Dan Goodfellow, Haulotte can conduct 10 year tests on all EWPs, not just Haulotte equipment.

“We use genuine OEM parts which are checked and installed by factory trained technicians, and perform a thorough examination complying with 10 year test requirements,” Dan said.

This includes:

  • the disassembly and removal of paint, grease, corrosion from critical components to allow a complete and thorough inspection;
  • the detailed visual inspection and tolerance checking of all wear components, and
  • non-destructive testing of all critical areas for evidence of cracking, fatigue and excessive stress.

“On completion of the test, Haulotte provides a full report including a certificate from the original equipment manufacturer confirming completion of the 10 year test, a checklist of the work completed and a crack test certificate.

“Any work required outside the scope of a standard 10 year test is quoted separately,” Dan said.

Haulotte’s 10 year test is conducted in three stages.

Before major work begins, the machine is washed and a full function test is carried, visual inspection made and a report on any abnormalities made.

A creep load test is carried out on all cylinders, to ensure no leakage in cylinder seals or counterbalance valves.

Pressures are tested against manufacturer specifications for safety of operation.

During Stage two, the machine is dismantled, inspected and unserviceable parts discarded.

Parts are ordered as needed and repairs made where required. All internal components are stripped, inspected and tested against manufacturer specifications. Components are cleaned, lubricated and rebuilt and if required, new bolts are fitted throughout and tensioned to manufacturer specifications.

All work required is carried out. Components are refurbished, systems repaired and upgraded where needed.

In Stage three, when the machine is disassembled, crack testing and ultra-sounding can be carried out to determine the structure and welds are in good working order. Any defects in welds are reported and repaired.

Any components such as the platform or weldments which are heavily rusted are sand blasted and prepared for paint.

Once all components are cleaned, assembly commences and a full service conducted.

Up to decals are fitted to ensure the machine complies with current Australian Standards. A new log book, yellow pouch, grey card, operators’ safety manual and Major Inspection compliance plate is fitted, meeting EWPA approval.

The machine is function tested several times to ensure all aspects of operation and safety is in good working order.

Contact: 03 8710 1000 or visit: www.haulotte.com.au

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