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Kaeser’s SAM 4.0 Master Controller upgrade “ahead of its time”

The next generation of compressed air management master system, the Sigma Air Manager 4.0 uses adaptive 3-D Advanced Control to make air generation and treatment even more intelligent, reliable and efficient. The latest development means end users have access to intelligent control that’s ahead of its time, says Kaeser.

The SAM 4.0 compressed air management system has been continually developed and enhanced since its launch in 2001.

A key technology for Industry 4.0 – the term describing the fourth industrial revolution, concerned with the trend towards data exchange and manufacturing processes – the SAM 4.0 is an advanced master controller that coordinates the operation of multiple compressors, dryers and filters.

Predictive maintenance

In this month’s announcement, the SAM 4.0 menu has been expanded to include a ‘maintenance’ section. The new function allows the end user to view compressors’ maintenance hours counters. Counter readings can be called up live or distributed via an automatically generated report.

The SAM 4.0 always loads compressors within a maintenance group to ensure maintenance hours for the corresponding systems are evenly distributed. This allows maintenance to be performed on the systems simultaneously, as one job, limiting downtime.

In addition, when the SAM 4.0 is connected to the Kaeser Sigma Network, the Sigma Smart Air service package can be accessed. By providing operating, service and energy data for the entire compressed air system in real-time you get needs-based preventive maintenance and service.

A simple software upgrade allows expansion of the master controller without the need for new hardware. This means that where the SAM 4.0 may have been initially capable of controlling up to four compressors, it can be updated to control up to eight or even sixteen.

A digital helping hand

Compressed air station digitalisation enhances energy efficiency and increases reliability. As all station components are in constant communication with one another, any performance deviations can be detected at an early stage and addressed.

The SAM 4.0 connects every component within the compressed air station, including external components, via the secure, IP-based Kaeser Sigma Network. As the central node point, it gathers the individual operating data and forwards them to mobile phones, laptops or tablets for browser-based viewing via Kaeser Connect. This provides comprehensive and remote station monitoring and enables operating data to be integrated into existing control technology. Flexible interface modules ensure easy on-site plug and play connection, for a continued overview of the production process.


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