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AUSA All-Terrain Forklift range redesigned for all-star performance

When it comes to all-terrain forklifts, the latest models from AUSA are now the gold standard. Each device is built to be portable, effective, and flexible. There are six different types to choose from, and their diesel, petrol or electric options can lift anywhere from 1,180 to 4,990kg.

The AUSA C 501 H model, which features cutting-edge technology, has been updated to improve safety and maintenance. Due to its small stature and big capacity, it can be manoeuvred with ease and performs admirably.

Designed for use on rough terrain, with a maximum lift height of 5,450 mm and a payload capacity of 5,000 kg, the C 501’s large front wheels and upgraded FullGrip® system (a multi-disc all-wheel traction system) allow it to climb grades as steep as 35% with ease.

This forklift can effortlessly transport materials up and down steep and difficult terrain. In addition, the Hill Holder mechanism ensures that the forklift never moves even an inch when the accelerator is released.

State-of-the-art engines balance engine power and load capacity with low fuel consumption. The AUSA C 501 H is equipped with cutting-edge fuel-saving and CO2 emission-reduction technology to provide excellent value at a lower cost. Eco Mode automatically adjusts the engine speed to provide the most power while consuming the least amount of fuel and emitting the fewest emissions.

A digital screen with a self-diagnostics system analyses the equipment’s parameters from a smart device. The digital panel next to the steering wheel displays critical information in real time, including speed, temperature, alerts, sensors, and more. Operators can even interface with it via the joystick in the cab and run self-diagnostics on the machine.

A gradual inching pedal aids approach load-handling procedures to ensure simple and safe driving. With adjustable height and reach, the steering wheel also provides safety and comfort in the cab. The C 501 H forklift’s maneuverability is improved with a full control joystick with reverse drive, hydraulic capabilities, and self-diagnostics.

A new cab provides a more roomy interior with increased operator comfort and a 360-degree vision for a 30% increase in visibility. In addition, the cab tilts allowing quick access to components and minimal downtime. Users have easy access to the vehicle’s electrical, mechanical, and hydraulic components, allowing for proper maintenance.

The AUSA C 501 H forklift is an excellent addition to any hire fleet, ideal for construction, lumber, and other heavy-duty applications. AUSA forklifts provide exceptional productivity for a wide range of off-road and semi-industrial applications.

Other models in the AUSA line of all-terrain forklifts include the C 150 H, which is the most compact in the line for spaces with limited height; the C 201 H, which is ideal for urban applications such as parking lots and closed areas with low doors; the C 251 H, which has a small turning radius; the C 351 H, which has a large number of accessories, forks and masts; and the C 401 H, which has large volumes and low fuel consumption.

Ahern Australia is the official importer of all AUSA Equipment. For a quote or more information, contact Ahern Australia at 1300 900 700 or visit ahernaustralia.com.au.


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