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HRIA Insurance rep wins WA Young Broker of the Year Award

The Hire and Rental Association would like to congratulate Justin Purslowe of Hire Insurance Brokers in Western Australia on being named the 2023 National Insurance Brokers Association (NIBA) Young Broker of the Year for Western Australia.

Given the extensive expertise that Hire Insurance Brokers nationally offer to the Association, this accomplishment not only honours Justin’s individual prowess but also holds great promise for the entire Hire and Rental Association.

As part of this award, there is a large focus on community development and support. Justin has asked the HRIA to foster collaboration and support for an upcoming community-focused project for the town of Coraki. Coraki is a small town that sits on the confluence of the Richmond and Wilson Rivers in northern New South Wales, Australia in Richmond Valley Shire.

Source: The Guardian

Coraki endured significant hardships due to devastating flooding in 2022. The impact of this natural disaster rippled through the town, affecting the lives and livelihoods of its residents. In light of this, Justin with the other National Insurance Broker State winners is working closely with the Coraki community to help them rebuild, recover, and re-imagine a brighter future. The project will be focused on developing mobile facilities that can be used by the community, such as kitchen unit and mobile ablution block.

For the project, Justin is seeking New South Wales-based contacts who may be prepared to contribute their insights, expertise, or resources to this effort. Whether represent a local organisation, have connections to community leaders, or simply with a genuine desire to make a positive difference, further participation will have a significant impact.

Initiatives that cultivate community resilience, restore infrastructure, and improve the overall quality of life for Coraki’s residents will be the primary focus of the project. Through collaborative efforts, the team can instill the community with a sense of unity, renewal, and hope.

To help provide relevant contacts, experiences, or resources that could be instrumental in supporting this endeavor, Justin can be contacted directly through HRIA INsurance Brokers.
Justin Purslowe
Hire Insurance Brokers
0418 918 951


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