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Aussie Pumps’ stainless steel Jetter automates pipe clearing

Australian Pumps have declared the launch of the ‘Aussie Jetter Revolution’ as ‘a huge success’ among plumbers, and they’re available to buy before the end of financial year.

Aussie’s high-pressure water equipment for clearing blocked drains is based on their Aussie Cobra Cube design, which has a 5,000psi rated stainless steel reel that allows plumbers to dispense with old mechanical electric style devices and use high pressure water, generated by an engine drive piston pump, to drive high pressure nozzles and lightweight jetting hoses to clear chokes in pipes from sewer lines and storm water drains.

“We’ve been using conventional high-pressure reels for 20 years that are black powder coated steel,” said Aussie Pump’s Production Manager, Mal Patel.

“The new stainless-steel reel carries exactly the same load in terms of high-pressure hose, between 60 and 100 metres of quarter inch or 5/16” Jetter hose, but it has the advantage of not only looking smarter, but never looking tired from chipped paint and rust marks.

“We trialled the stainless-steel reels over three months and whenever plumbers have seen them, they’ve been surprised they can get an enhancement like this for very little extra when buying a new Jetter,” said Mal.

Aussie will start moving to production lines of Jetters with stainless steel reels in the very near future. They will certainly be on the market weeks before the 30th of June,” said Patel.

“That means plumbers will be able to take advantage of the new reel before their “tax time” deadline,” he said.

Kits are available to replace existing steel painted reels with a stainless kit as a bare reel, or reel complete with hose already fitted and ready to go to work.


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