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Hire Industry apprentice WINS top Scholarship award

Haulotte’s rising star, Amy Bartels, has won Top Performer Women in Trades Scholarship as part of National Apprentice Appreciation Week

Find a job you enjoy doing and you will never have to work a day in your life.

Amy Bartels was lucky enough to figure out what she loved to do when she was still at school. But the path to get there had a few hiccups along the way to eventually find her place in the Hire Industry.

During Year 11, Amy realised she enjoyed working with motors, engines, and anything involving pulling them apart and putting them back together. All she thought about was her automotive class, even during other subjects. Unfortunately, instead of support, her teachers only tried to deter her from pursuing a career that wasn’t for ‘girls’. “I didn’t get much support initially, I was told to go get an office job”, said Amy.

Thankfully, she realized that she would need to take matters into her own hands, which would prove to be her greatest asset in future decision-making. She made the decision to start a Certificate II in Aeroskills until COVID happened. Then, all flights were grounded; getting work was difficult. Not feeling the support from her agency at the time, Amy again backed herself and took matters into her own hands. Within 48 hours of finding a new Agency, MIGAS, Amy managed to secure a new Mobile Plant Apprenticeship with Haulotte and was ready to start her journey in the Hire industry.

Fast Forward to 2024 and Amy is in her final year of her apprenticeship getting experience across a range of EWP’s.

“From day one I was able to get on the tools and get hands on experience. The team have been so supportive, teaching me about the different machines. I started learning to drive and operate scissors, then moved on to bigger booms”, said Amy. “An apprenticeship in the Hire industry can be quite diverse, as there are many different roles to explore.”

At Haulotte, Amy has had experience in the pre-delivery (PDI) department, where machines are checked for safety and quality assurance and made ready for operation.

“PDI was great way to get familiar with machines. You get to learn how they operate and the quality that goes into their design and operation” said Amy. “Last year I was able to get on the road to see how the technicians use the tools and processes and observe how they interact with customers.”

Amy is one of many apprentices in the Hire Industry program. Haulotte’s Training and Apprentice supervisor, Brad Kennaugh, explains the value of apprentices: “We have 10 apprentices across Australia at the moment, and we are continually growing the program. Apprentices like Amy are the future of this industry, our aim is to give them all the skills they need while showing them the benefit of a career in the Hire industry,” said Brad.

Amy is due to finish her apprenticeship this year and is looking to the future with excitement and with goals to help more women join and thrive in the industry.

“This year I am hoping to get more chances to get on the road to see more machines and where they are being used. I really enjoy visiting customer sites where the machines are being used, like the new Western Sydney Airport. It gives me a sense of pride to be able to tell my family about the different locations I have been and the problems I solved,” said Amy.

“In the long term, I would like to be able to help other young female students to find their trade and thrive. I want them to have a better experience than I did; to have support and explore the options available. I would also like to see more training and networking opportunities for apprentices to share information and learn from each other,” adds Amy.

Amy’s agency, MIGAS, nominated her for the Women in Trades sponsorship late last year, as they could see the dedication she had to the job and also her passion for learning and helping others.

“Amy hasn’t had the easiest start into her apprenticeship, especially with the previous employer; however, that hasn’t let Amy down, and that’s allowed her to strive to do her best and make other female apprentices proud. I love when Amy mentions supporting women through Facebook and wanting to support other female apprentices in the future and trying to teach them about the trade and workplaces, I think that sets Amy apart from the rest”, said Chelsea Wilson from MIGAS.

When asked what advice she would offer to women considering a role in the Hire industry, Amy’s advice is about staying true to yourself.

“Go for it, if it’s something you really want to do. There is no harm in trying it. Don’t take to heart what people say, but soldier on; there is always people around to support you,” adds Amy.

The Women in Trades Scholarship, which encourages women to excel in non-traditional trades, was announced this week (12th to 18th Feb 2024) during National Apprentice Appreciation Week.

The HRIA offers its congratulations to Amy and commends Haulotte’s ongoing commitment to its apprenticeship program. “Haulotte’s program sets a benchmark for apprenticeships in the industry and illustrates how such schemes can help attract and keep talent,” said Martin Sinclair, HRIA. “We wish Amy every success in her career.”


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