Hire and Rental News - February 2019

® EMPOWER YOUR BUSINESS INFORMATION WHEN AND WHERE YOU NEED IT. www. baseplan .com | 1300 837 142 Financials Parts Service Rentals Sales OFFICIAL PUBLICATION OF THE HIRE AND RENTAL INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION LTD www.hireandrental.com.au FEB 2019 VOL20 N O . 3 Stand Down Policy – how has this surprising practice endured? – p24 Silica dust can kill – how rental companies can help – p16 Young Hire Professionals get a mentoring boost – p14 Access in Action inside – see p27 for all the news Facing down the challenges to find the gold – Women in Hire profile – p22 Tips and traps on commercial leases – Bartier Perry serves up the truth – p23 Are you working on or in your business? HLB Mann Judd offers advice on p20 IN THIS ISSUE